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Welcome to Virtualidol!

Questions that absolutely nobody asked:

What is Virtualidol? Virtualidol is my neocities website that I created because my sister made a neocities website, so I felt inspired to make my own.

Who runs this site? I run this site. My name is Nat and I like eating cheese. I also like writing HTML/CSS, listening to music, playing piano and sleeping. You can read more about me on my about page.

What's your favorite color/food/animal? My favorite color is blue, my favorite animals are cats, and my favorite food is salmon. I like tuna and chips, too.

How much teeth do snails have? According to, Snails usually have about 12000 teeth, but some species can have 20000!

Site news:

3-31-2024 - New layout! meow meow meow meow i'm back

Since June 23rd, 2023