Day 1, 6/23/23

god i love your mom jokes theyre so fking funny

Day 2, 6/24/23

erm.. i didnt really do anything to this site today. i added the stuff from day 1 back so ig thats something. i just ate a really good meal at a mexican resturant. time to go to sleep forever now.

Day 3, 6/25/23

new font!!! uhm. i woke up really early today because i was so excited to work on this!! :D please let me know if you like the new fount! ;)
im probably going to update more of this later today because i am trying to learn css!! :D so happy this morning ugh :P


Day 4, 6/26/23

ehhh fourth day.. didnt really do anything to this website. i didnt study html or anything. litterally the opposite of yesterday. BUT, i did do some very EPIC gaming. so theres that i guesss lmfao. also do you like the bolds and italics? because im learning html like any EPIC gamer should *thumbs up and nodds head*


Day 5, 6/27/23

stupid today was just like yesterday. also sorry ive been obsessed with bold text because it really gets the point out. when u see me writing in bold text imagine that im saying it really slowly but also fast at the same time in a really dramatic voice because i can guarantee you i AM.

Day 6, 6/30/23

hey friends (i don't know if anyone even reads this crap, if you do i really appreciate it though. thanks for ur time) i haven't updated this website in 2 days because LAZY but i went to my friend's sister's birthday party today at the pool near the park so i guess thats cool lmao

Day 7, 7/2/23

ermmm now i've been updating this site for 1 week... ;-; and im really happy about it for some reason..! uh i don't really have much to say. i've been improving my diet recently, i want to eat more fruits and vegtables and generally eat better because i have a vitamin deficiency + i'm overweight... :/ i think i did rlly good today because this is the first time i've completely cut off junk food :D more updates tmrw its litterally 10:10 pm what the fck am i doing.... ;-;(WHY AM I USING THAT ;-; EMOJI THING SO MUCH OMGGG)

Day 8, 7/6/23

hey guys i didnt feel like updating today BUTTT i wanted to pretend to be "productive" because im being a fucking lazy slob lately (and i don't like it) BUTTT i WILL learn more html + css tomrrow! honestly the only thing i feel like doing lately is just playing video games biking and sleeping and thats not very fun to do it ALLL the TIMEEE sooo im going to be WAYY more productive sorry im ass at like writing and stuff. if you think im a decent person im not i litterally actually talk like this :/ ALSO i'm updating the header's fonts to match with the text i guess lmao

Day 9, 7/7/23

omg guys!! natalie making updates to his site TWOO days in a row?? NEVER!! wellll ermm.. it just happened ;-; yeah ive been a blue cheese addict lately sorry. going to learn more html + css tommorrow so stay tuned for that i guess. if anyone even fkking reads this stupid trash. STUPID STUPID TRASH. but anyways erm i should realy stop hating on this because idk i barely have the motivation to litterally do everything so i guessssss i should be proud of myself :) also im tryhing to stop eating shit all the time does any1 here know how lmfao

Day 10, 7/9/23

hai guys erm i dont really have much to say but like DAY 10. woahhhhhjhhhh. also i've been obsessed with editing recently. photopea is my life now thank you.

Day 11, 7/12/23

hey guys so today i did a TON to this website. like i made a home page and everything. i hope some people see it and i hope i can get better at this entire html thing someday. SOMEDAY. but uhm yeah im actually kinda proud of it and i hope you guys are too!! today i did a lot of doodling because yesterday my mom and i went to target and we bought this gel pen and i raelly like it so yeah. good night

Day 12, 7/13/23

AAAA I DID SO MUCH TODAY!!! i litterally feel like im addicited to neocities like.. but atleaset im not spending all day watching tiktok LMFAO. im doing way better now lol and school is like.. in 20 days? so i'll be back on track soon! also im going to a new school this year guys!! ^__^ i legit cant wait to see all of my friends again because school is basically the only human interaction i get. when i go biking i see NOBODY. no other kids playing outside. once there where some first graders tho but i havent seen them in a while for some reason? idk maybe its because of the summer heat. but anyways goodnight guys!! :)

Day 13, 8/8/23

fuck. welp. i guess you could say. i forgot about this website. but. I'M BACK WITH A BANGER!! AND GUESS WHAT?? TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY! IM A BIRTHDAY BOY! (not for much longer, its litterally 10:15 pm i need to go to sleep) also school started but like who gives a fuck

est. 6/22/23