Bee Swarm Simulator

What is Bee Swarm Simulator?

Bee Swarm Simualator (referred to as BSS) is a unqiue ROBLOX simulator game. Unlike other simulator games, BSS features different game mechanics and more exciting gameplay. BSS was created by a ROBLOX developer known as "Onett" and was released on March 21st, 2017.

In BSS, you collect pollen to make honey. Honey is the currency in BSS. You can use honey to hatch more bees (yes bees hatch from eggs don't ask), who assist you with collecting more pollen. There are many different bee types in BSS for every occasion! There are 6 different rarities of bees, ranging from common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic, and event.

You also have quests to complete in BSS, given by different types of bears. Bears have different questlines and dialouge. There are many bears in the game.

Why Bee Swarm Simulator?

I like Bee Swarm Simulator because I think it's fun. Others may consider it a mindless grinding game, in which they aren't completely wrong, but sometimes I like a more peaceful game. I like how you almost always have a goal that you're working towards, like buying new tools or completing a questline.

I also think the bees are incredibly cute!

My favorite bees:

Bee Swarm Log

I play BSS a lot, if you haven't already noticed. I'm not very advanced in the game but I enjoy it a lot, and I hope to get better. I would consider my self to be kind of early-midgameish.. I don't have the spirit wand and all of my gear is either from the ACE shop or the Top Shop.. :P

Spirit Bear Progress:

sorry guys i forgot to update this but i got the spirit wand like 2 months ago

i forgot what quest i am currently on oops how silly of me