Stain was sitting down on the ground looking at the beautiful stars in the sky as he sat next to Tempre. "Can't you believe that he would just do something like that?" Tempre said. "Yeah.." Stain replied. He wasn't listening to what Tempre was saying, he was thinking about something else.

"Look right there.." Stain said. "Oh?" Tempre replied. Stain pointed at the sky. "Over there.." He was pointing at a bigger shining light. "Don't you think that's a planet?" He said. Tempre put his hand on Stain's shoulder "You're right.. That one's bigger then the others. Maybe it's a bigger star." He replied.

"Don't you think we should come back inside now.." Stain thought. "Why was I out here in the first place.." He looked next to him then noticed that Tempre was writing something with a stick on the ground.

"What are you writing" Stain asked. He crawled over to see what he was doing. "Look!" Tempre chuckled. "TxS. Don't you get it? You and me." He replied. Tempre looked at it again then smiled back at Stain. Stain paused. "Why did you do that?" he asked. Tempre tossed the stick in the air. "Eh.. I'm bored. I just felt like writing it."

Tempre wrapped his hand around Stain's waist as he looked back at the stick. He was thinking about him. Him and Stain. He looked right next to him and saw Stain sitting down right next to him. "Look at him!" He thought. His heart was ready to melt.

A few minutes later Stain got tired of just sitting on the ground. "We should go back in now." He said. "Why where we even out here in the first place?" He looked at Tempre. "Uh.. I dunno." He responded "It's getting late.. 10:12 PM."

wip - by whyamihere72