this was made at night i didnt check over this pls dont be mean

Stain looked at the green strokes on the canvas. It was a painting of a forest. It was so realistic that he felt like if he touched it his hand would go right through the painting, into the world.

But, he remembered the "no touching" rule in the art gallery. He looked next to him, and saw Tempre at the other painting beside him. At that moment he felt like walking to him, but something stopped him.

He sighed and turned back at the painting. The green and yellow canvas meet his eyes as he felt someone walking next to him. "You like that one don't you.." Tempre said. Stain quickly recognized his voice and immediately turned around.

Stain sighed, "Yeah.. I do.." he said. Tempre giggled and then smiled warmly at him. Stain looked and smiled back but then turned back and walked towards another painting. The painting was of a big blue ocean with tons of schools of fish in it. "Look at this one!" Stain said while pointing at it.

"It's beautiful." Tempre said. "But you know what's even more beautiful?" He asked while grabbing Stain's shoulders. "What?" Stain replied while fidgeting his fingers. "You." Tempre said. "Ah- Thank you!" Stain replied. He looked around the art gallery again.

He already saw all of the paintings in the room so he walked to the next one. It had abstract glass pieces lying on tables in it. The glass pieces resembled nature, like flowers, plants, and butterflies. The sun coming out of the window reflected on them.

Stain silently walked around looking at them. A minute later, Tempre decided to break the silence. "We've been here for about two hours. Ready to come back home yet?" He asked. "Ah! Sure!" Stain replied. He scrambled out of the room and to the exit with Tempre.

The minute that Tempre arrived to his house with Stain, he took Stain to his couch and turned on the TV. After a while, Tempre turned off the TV and started cuddling Stain. Stain then quickly turned around to cuddle Tempre back. Tempre smiled as he wrapped his hands around Stain's waist and started to pull him closer.

They eventually fell asleep and had a peaceful night.