Pixilated cat smiling CRINGE ALERT CRINGE ALERT

Tempre came back to his house at 10:43PM after having a really stressful fight at Frantic Forest. He walked over to Stain's room and knocked on the door. Stain quickly opened the door. "Who are- Tempre? Are you okay? You look really.. Umm.. Upset.." He said.

Tempre hugged Stain tightly. "Woah- I guess I'll take that as a yes!" He chuckled. "Also Tempre, it's getting really late.. We should be going to bed soon." He said. "I'll brush my teeth and then get changed." And than Stain walked over to the bathroom.

The ceiling fan kept whirling round and round as Tempre started at it, lying in bed. Eventually Stain came back into the bedroom wearing his T-shirt and shorts. Stain looked down at the bed and was suprised that Tempre left space for him.

Stain sat on the bed and then layed down. Tempre noticed quickly and began cuddling him. "Did you have a good day today..?" Tempre asked him. Stain turned over to face him. "I mean.. It was okay, like any other day. But I kinda missed you." He replied. "I know you didn't have a good day.. Hopefully tommorrow will be better."

"Thank you." Tempre mumbled while pulling Stain closer. "You know.." Tempre said. "I don't feel like we spend enough time together. Maybe I'll pause going to Frantic Forest to try to beat the heroes and try to spend more time with you. I'm getting tired of them every week."

Stain looked up at Tempre. "I- uhm- that would be nice.." Stain whispered. "Glad you agree." Tempre said while tightening his grip on Stain.

Before Tempre even knew it, Stain was laying on him, alseep. Eventually Tempre fell asleep, too!