This was based off of a concept lilah made in the tempre x stain fan server :3

The sun seeped through the blinds of the window as Tempre woke up from his sleep. He looked at Stain's sleeping face as he slowly opened his eyes. "Hmh.. Cute.." He thought to himself. He slowly pulled Stain out of his arms, trying not to wake him up and walked to the kitchen.

First, Tempre cracked two eggs in a bowl and then whisked them with his fork. Then he preheated the stove. After a bit, he poured the yellow mixture onto the pan. He waited as he stared out the window, zoning out. The morning sun shined through the holes of the hoover fence behind it.

Eventually, the eggs were finished. Before he put them on the table for his husband to eat, he made sure to season them. The seasoning. Can't forget about that. Stain loved seasoning, especially something a tad bit spicy like pepper. He sprinkled it on the spongy egg thinking about him


Finally, Stain woke up alone on the bed. He sluggishly got up and got dressed. Stain was proud of himself that he got up at a somewhat-reasonable hour (Around 7AM). He used to have issues getting up early because he would sleep so late, but Tempre helped him get out of that habit.

Stain walked towards the kitchen and saw the eggs Tempre made for him and then his eyes met Tempre himself. "H- Good morning!" Stain said as he walked to the table. He was suprised that Tempre got him everything. Stain quickly noticed Tempre laid down a cup of water for him, a fork (and a spoon.. for some reason..?), and a napkin.

"Good morning!" Tempre said back and smiled. Stain noticed that Tempre got himself two pieces of toast with butter on them, but it was nothing like what he gave him. "Thank you." Stain mumbled as he slowly ate his eggs while zoning out, looking out of the window.

"Soo.. Stain.." Tempre spoke suddenly. "Ready to have a good day?" He asked. Stain finished his last egg before he answered. "Yeah!" He replied then took a sip of water. "Thank you so much for this breakfast by the way, honey!" Stain hugged Tempre gently. "No, thank you!" Tempre giggled and hugged stain tightly back.

Unlike all of the other things I've written so far, I actually like this one.

PART 2!!

When they were down with their breakfast, Tempre was going to head off to work. He got up from his chair and pushed it in, under the table. "Stain.." He mumbled. Stain looked up quickly. "What?" He asked. "I'm going to go work soon.." Tempre responded quitely. "Can I get a kiss?" He asked.

"Uhm-" Stain looked down at the floor from his seat. "Sure." He said. Tempre's eyes sparkled as he walked towards him and pushed up his chin and then softly kissed him on the lips. "Thank you, bye!" Stain said to Tempre before he left the house. "Bye!" Tempre said as he closed the door.

After a minute of zoning out, Stain got up from his chair then pushed it in. He sighed as he looked around the house. The sun was shining from the windows onto the countertops and shelves, so you could clearly see the dust. "There's a lot to do.." He thought to himself as he looked around the house. A lot to clean.