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The sky was a deep navy blue with the occasional mix of bright orange from the sunset. Stain stared out of his window and looked at some of the distant clouds. "It looks like a cat," he thought. He zoned out for a bit longer before thinking about Tempre. His heart sank. His watch read 8:51 PM. Tempre was supposed to be home a few hours ago.

He stared at his watch, watching the minutes fly by. He looked out of the window again. The orange color produced by the sunset was now long gone. Although it was faint, he could still see the deep navy blue and the cloud that looked like a cat. The cloud seemed to have moved away from him. He put his hand on the cold window and thought of Tempre.

As he was about to fall asleep, he heard the sound of the front door unlocking and immediately went wide awake. "Home!" Said a familiar voice. Stain grinned and turned around slowly to look at Tempre, who had just entered the house. Tempre's shades were slightly tilted. His purple jacket was zipped all the way, and he had an agitated expression on his face.

Stain got up from the couch to greet him. "So," he said. "What's up with you being here so late?" He smiled warmly. "Another traffic jam.." Tempre mumbled. "Thank god! I was so worried about you," Stain sighed. Tempre seemed annoyed, but he started cooling down after being with Stain. His frown slowly turned into a pleasant smile.

Tempre then took off his jacket and flopped on the couch. He adjusted his pillow to make it more comfortably fitting on his head, then looked at Stain. "I'm getting lonely.." He muttered. "Fine.." Stain chuckled, then sitting on the couch next to him. He zoned out for a little bit, but then eventually gave in and laid down right beside him, facing him.

It didn't take long before Tempre started to cuddle him, wrapping his arms around his waist. It felt nice pressing Stain's warmth against his cold body. "Thank you.." Tempre said faintly. Stain hugged him tighter in response. Before Tempre fell asleep, he made sure to kiss Stain on his head. Stain's smiler started to glow brighter as he hugged him even tighter.

Eventually, they both fell asleep. Stain usually has problems falling asleep, especially that early, but for some reason Tempre being with him helped him relax. Stain suddenly woke up at around 2 in the morning after an odd dream. He reluctantly pushed Tempre away. He sat at the edge of the couch with Tempre loudly snoring behind him.

Even though the room was very dark, he could make out the contents of it. He could see the brightness of the moonlight seeping out of the windows, and he could make out a few simple objects like the square TV or the dusty bookshelf. He looked around for a little bit, feeling a strange happiness knowing that Tempre was right behind him.

After a few minutes, Stain heard Tempre mumbling what sounded like gibberish. "Where are you.." He asked faintly. Feeling bad, Stain laid back down in Tempre's arms and fell asleep yet again.